Acciughe al Verde

“Anchovies in green sauce.”

  • This traditional antipasto from Western Piemonte is simple and very flavorsome.

    The dish was born when salt cost more than anchovies. Traders from the Ligurian coast smuggled layers of salt between their anchovies – at the time a cheap commodity – to avoid duty payments on the salt.

    Giovanni Vialardi, chef to the ruling Savoie family, added the green sauce (“Bagnèt Vert” in Piemontese dialect) in the mid 1800s. It is made with parsley, olive oil and garlic. Some people add hard-boiled egg yolk and soft breadcrumbs.

    Nowadays, Acciughe al Verde accompanies most Piemontese celebration meals.

    Toasted bread and butter, topped with your Acchiughe al Verde and a glass of Piemontese Chardonnay, Arneis or Favorita – “et voilà”, the tastiest starter is served!

    MTW guests visiting Piemonte with us will most certainly get the chance to taste this delicious classic.

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