• This captivating and historic region signposts the start of the Italian peninsular.

    Located on the Adriatic, several important rivers traverse the region from the high Appenines, through photogenic, rolling agricultural lands to the sea.

    In wine terms it is most important as the home of Verdicchio, one of Italy’s most prestigious white grapes.

  • In historical terms Le Marche does not receive the acclaim of your Tuscanies or your Venetos, but that does not make it an archival backwater.  Of particular note, it is the birthplace of Federico II (pictured, 1194-1250).

    Federico is one of Italy’s most significant and colourful characters. He was born in Jesi town square, son of Henry VI of Hohnstaffen, grandson of Federico Barbarossa, and became known as stupor mundi.

    He died Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Sicily, by which time he spoke six languages.  He was the first sponsor of the Sicilian poetic tradition – and so an early benefactor of Italian literature as a whole.

    Federico is a companion to us on several of our Italian trips. He appears in many expected and not-so-expected places.

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